Polarity+ Online Action Arcade Game
Polarity+ Online Action Arcade Game
“If You Are Looking For A Fast Paced, Exciting Arcade Action Game Then Polarity+ Delivers.”

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Imagine a new action arcade video game experience that will stimulate your visual and auditory senses with intense graphics and exciting tunes. Polarity+ features a distinctive visual style and ambiance as well as heart pounding addictive action gameplay to really get you going.

Choose between several gameplay modes and difficulty levels to find your ideal gameplay experience. Play this fast paced game whilst listening to the audio feast as you blast away at the enemies or simply choose your own playlists and play along to your favourite tunes as they blend with the sound effects to create a dazzling experience.


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Gameplay Features:

checkbox 11 Unique enemies each with different behaviours and abilities, all set on testing your skills to the limit.
checkbox 4 Awesome boss characters, each requires a completely different tactic to defeat.
checkbox 7 critical power ups to aid you in your mission. Don’t leave home without these, you’ll need them. Increase the power of your shots.
checkbox Homing seekers (missiles) that lock on to their targets and never fail. Lock on to 4 targets at the same time and let loose for maximum destruction.
checkbox 4 Game worlds with 6 stages each for hours of gameplay.
checkbox 6 different dance tracks matched to the onscreen action to during gameplay.
checkbox 2 Game play modes: The main mission mode where you play through the different game worlds and an arena score attack more where you play randomly generated enemies for an infinite variation of outcomes.
checkbox 3 Difficulty levels: Regardless of your skill level you’ll be able to get into Polarity+ and satisfy your cravings for action packed gameplay.
checkbox Custom MP3 Files: Play your own MP3 files and playlists in game during the action. Just put together your favourite tunes and start the action. 
checkbox Joystick Support: Get that console feeling with your Dual Analogue Joystick. You can even use a PS2 or XBOX control if you have an adapter.
checkbox 48-hour Money Back Guarantee
checkbox High-speed Priority Download
checkbox Instant Activation
checkbox No Internet Connection Needed to Play
checkbox You Are Ready to Play. No CD Shipped


"It’s a very slick arena shooter, very Tron-like in its visuals and colour. The quality of the game should not come as a surprise to anyone.."



"First off, let me say I'm a major fan of arena shooters and this one lives up to my expectations in every way. The game offers a lot of eyecandy... the levels are challenging and the gameplay is tight."



System Requirements:

Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 600MHz, 128 MB RAM
DirectX compatible Soundcard
Direct 3D Video Card
Mouse & Keyboard

Windows XP
Dual Analogue Joystick

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